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DIERYA DK63 Software/driver has been released

(04-01-2020, 10:00 AM)abel Wrote: 1. NOTE: Please check the SN number on the back of the keyboard, if the number before Z is “5”(63BA050205Z04600 as an example, if it's not "5" please contact us), then this upgrade could apply to your keyboard, now please TURN OFF the switch on the back of the keyboard.

[Image: c67730cc16.jpg]

2. Note: Please plug in your keyboard because this upgrade needs to process in the wired mode.

3. Download our new upgrade file by clicking button:  [Image: 975a6aa9d2.png], after unzipping this file, please right-click Dierya DK63_SETUP_20200401_V2.exe and running as administrator.

4. When you install this software, all of these led lights will go out. if Show “PASS”, Then this installing is successful. Important note: After it shows "pass", Pleasesetop click "X" to exit the window.

5. Unplug the cable and plug it in again, Then please wait for a while, the keyboard-led lights will be all on, if not, please install again, if the led lights will not be on still, please contact us.

then you can use our new version software of DIERYA DK63.

Each time I download the file I get the error message:  Error: "C:\Temp\dierya\DK63_SETUP_20200401_v2.rar" is not a valid RAR file"
Any suggestions?

My keyboard does not have a SN on the back....

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Please help me!! My keyboard wont turn on after I accidentally tried downloading the dk61e software pls give me a fix to this!

I don´t no what i can do.

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I bought the DK63 a while ago and discovered the software and got it. Overall, the keyboard is fine but there are some issues I've encountered that I'd like to ask someone more experienced about.

First of all, I keep my RGB setting at solid red all the time, however after the software installation I noticed that my Caps and Windows keys are not lit up and only light up white once their respective FN key is toggled on. Is there a way to add the solid red to the Caps and Windows keys, because those two random keys not being lit annoys me. Also, the keyboard itself sometimes has the tendency to stop working for a little while (the RGB is still on). It randomly stops working for around a minute or so and then starts back up, is this some sort of charging problem or what?

Hopefully someone can clear these issues up for me, as I really like the keyboard overall. It's just some quirks that I'm trying to understand with it.

Thank you.

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