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Keycap sizes?

Hmm... this is useful info. Indeed iGK66 is quite similar. And I am concerned about running this board with Linux (although I was hoping that I will somehow hack around this in Windows mode + use a Windows machine to tweak the layout). iGK64 is an interesting alternative. My worry is its tiny battery. I am used to not recharge a BT board for many weeks, I don't want this to become a chore.

(06-14-2020, 11:30 AM)Kiessling Wrote:
(06-14-2020, 08:07 AM)sk2751 Wrote: I somehow like this board so much that I am thinking to place the order (they take orders now) and then do all the measurements.  What you write seems to mean that in the worst case I should be able to match with other DSA keycaps.  There might be very few odd sized keys, but in the worst case then I have to stick with the originals.  I am in no hurry, so when the board arrives, I can do the measurements. I planned to use the vanilla layout for some time anyways.  Visually it actually seems to have more 1x keys than other boards with this number of keys, which should (in principle) help to do a  replacement on a DSA board.  Thanks for helping.

I think there are Kemove employees on this board, so perhaps they can see this discussion and share the specs.  In general, this looks like an interesting board, but the webshop is very parsimonious in information.  You have to scout all sorts of places to build a full picture.
You're welcome. Yes, you seem to understand my statements well enough. If you want to save a bit of money, they have an official AliExpress link for the Kemove 64/66 with white/green/pink DSA keycaps located on their website. Here it is for your own reference:
Comes out to around $100 USD after shipping, less with coupons of course. May take around a month to arrive, give or take. I recommend you do your own research first, though. There are other options which you may want to consider. The iGK66 is quite similar and could also be nice if you're concerned about software compatibility or support with an OS besides Windows. Kemove has made multiple cool products, but their customer service is quite bad and irresponsible. I hope they improve on this, because they could become more popular and famous if they respected their customers enough to be honest with them. It's not right for a backer of their project to pay $129 and have to wait over 6 months and still have nothing, while other people will spend $100 or less for the same product and have it within 4-6 weeks. If you're willing to trust Kemove to deliver through AliExpress, then go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, I cannot recommend it in good faith.
Sorry for the bad experience, thank you for your suggestions! We are working hard to improve and provide better products and services.

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