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DK61 Pro Broken after Factory Reset

Hi, I factory reset my DK61 Pro and now the driver software won't recognize the device anymore, and the RGB and on-board layers don't work properly either. Do I need to update the firmware manually? I see lots of threads about DK61E firmware, but none for DK61 Pro firmware. Would love a link to some firmware.
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I have a similar problem. 

I did a factory reset (ESC+Q+Fn) on my DK61 PRO and my bluetooth connectivity stopped working.  I can no longer pair the keyboard with any of my devices over bluetooth. 

I know this is a problem with the DK61 itself since I have a Logitech K810 that I have as a backup that pairs fine with all my devices/OSes (iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Bluetooth issues appear to be rampant in the forums, and I'm hoping that an engineer from Dierya/Kemove is looking at these problems more carefully. I'm not sure what's being done about it, since the DK61 PRO isn't getting a lot of attention compared to some of the other products...

Is there a firmware update that fixes bluetooth bugs for the DK61 PRO?
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Same issue, the backlight doesn't function as expected, only the touch lights are responsive, but the various effect banks are empty and the software doesn't recognise the device.

Can someone provide templates, presets, firmwares or updates to fix this issue?
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