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FN SPACE ALT-R CTRL-R Key problems?

Just in case, you lost control over your keyboard:

1. Arrow keys and media buttons work without pressing FN.

You entered user mode layer 2 by accidentally pressing FN+SPACE. (FN-key is probably lit up.) Press FN+SPACE, and then SPACE again to return to user mode layer 1. Pressing FN+KEY in user mode layer 2 has the same effect as pressing KEY in user mode layer 1.

2. Keys e, a, o return é, á, ó.

You accidentally pressed ALT-R and FN at the same time instead of FN+ALT-R to use ARROW LEFT. Press ALT-R+FN.

3. Menus open or you accidentally seem to select all when pressing Key a.

You accidentally pressed CTRL-R and FN at the same time instead of FN+CTRL-R to use ARROW RIGHT. Press CTRL-R+FN.

Maybe somebody knows how to deactivate these user mode layer locks.
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