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How to Choose the Right Gateron Switch for You

Gateron, as a well-known Chinese switch manufacturer, has a very good switch feel and manufacturing process, and also has a great reputation in the user circle. Gateron has been gradually improving the product technology, and also brings more choices to users in terms of switch types.Since the Gateron switch is self-lubricated, it will feel a little more lubricated than other switches. Next, we will introduce various switch of Gateron.

Gateron black switch’s pressure is 80g. The trigger key travel is 1.5mm, and the click life is about 60 million times. Gateron black switch has no sense of paragraph. It is completely silent. Although Gateron black switch can also be used for typing. The fingers may get tired after a long time due to the high pressing force required. Due to the "hard feel" of the black switch, the pressure on the hand is too large, and some long-term games may not be very suitable. But in some competitive games, using Gateron black switch can achieve faster operation and faster kills.

Gateron red switch’s pressure is 40g. The trigger stroke is 2mm, and the click life is about 50 million times. The red switch can be regarded as a lightweight black switch, which is straight up and down like the black switch. It is a linear switch body, but the pressure in grams is smaller than that of the black switch. The feel of the red switch is light. There is no pause, and the rebound is softer and softer. The typing feel is continuous, the pressing feel is light, and it is completely silent. It is more suitable for games and office work.

Gateron blue switch’s pressure is 60g. The trigger key stroke is 2.4mm, and the click life is about 20 million times. Gateron blue switch is a typical paragraph switch, and it is also the most characteristic switch of a mechanical keyboard. The biggest problem of the blue switch is the speed and resistance settings within the 4mm stroke, which belong to "not focusing on speed, but focusing on feedback", which determines that the blue switch has poor compatibility with the characteristics of high speed in e-sports games, but it is not suitable for strategy RPG games. Another problem is that the "crackling" sound of typing on the blue switch may generate a certain degree of noise, so you should pay attention to the surrounding environment when using it.

Gateron brown switch has always been hailed as the "universal switch" or "universal switch" by the peripheral circles, and is favored by many users. The feature is that it has a sense of paragraph, but it is not as soft as the red switch, and it is not as noisy as the blue switch. The pressure gram of 55cN is matched with 2mm key travel, which is compatible with the micro operation requirements brought by the short and medium key travel and moderate pressure grams. The persistence brought by the number can make people feel more comfortable and long-term in typing or gaming experience.

The trigger pressure of Gateron silver switch is 45g.The trigger key stroke is 1.2mm, and the click life is about 50 million times. The silver switch is called the switch of speed. It is a linear switch similar to the red switch and the black switch. It can be triggered by pressing 1.2mm lightly. When typing, it feels like a dragonfly. But because it is too sensitive, it is easy that another key will be touched by mistake. The silver switch is Cherry's specially developed switch for games. In theory, it is more suitable for the game environment than the black switch and the red switch.

Gateron yellow switch has a total travel of 4mm. Its trigger stroke is 2mm, and it requires a trigger pressure of 50gf, which belongs to the linear switch that emphasizes the feel. Gateron yellow switch is divided into three types. These three are completely three different feel. The feel of the yellow switch is similar to the red switch. However, the pressure grams of the yellow switch is 5 grams higher than that of the red switch, so the rebound force after lubrication is better than that of the lubricated red switch.

Introduced above is the shaft body of the foundation of Gateron. In addition, Gateron has many special switches and upgraded switches. If you want to know more, we will introduce you one by one. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below. All are welcome to speak positively. Smile Big Grin Shy Heart

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