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Tell Us Your Favorite RGB Lighting Effect, Then We Make a Tutorial Video for You

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(05-03-2020, 09:22 PM)lilpeep Wrote: Hello!

I have the KEMOVE Snowfox and was wondering if it was possible to set the entire keyboard to one solid color. I would love to be able to have it be entirely pink to match my whole setup which is all pink. The software is confusing and I cannot figure it out.
Pink, don't think so, but see if you find one you like..  FN-\ until you see WASD mode, then hit it once more.  This is the static color mode.  FN-Capslock flips through the static colors, there are 11 if I recall correctly but not sure if Pink is included.

If you need help setting up colors in Apex instead, check out

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(05-12-2020, 02:29 AM)wade Wrote: I understand what you mean. This lighting effect comes with the keyboard and can be used in Bluetooth mode.
We can edit the background color (ie non-blue) of this light effect, but it can only be used in wired mode. We are temporarily unable to save click-reactive lighting on the keyboard.
Because the development of this function involves many aspects, we need more work to do.
We will tell our team about your suggestion, thank you again for your suggestion.
Are there any guides on how to do that? I really like this effect and unfortunately I still don't understand how to edit this particular effects background color. Smile Big Grin
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Hi, I have the Kemove Snowfox. It came with a rainbow lighting effect and I would like to change the colours of this rainbow. I want to use the custom rainbow effect when in bluetooth mode. Could you please make a tutorial on how to edit these colours with this effect?
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