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The mystery of different height keycaps

There are many types of keycap heights for mechanical keyboards. The more common ones are Cherry original height, OEM height, SA high ball cap, DSA short ball cap, VSA short ball cap and so on. In addition, the color of the keycaps can be customized, can be replaced, can be dyed, and can also be removed. Different user groups will have different usage habits. So, today, let's take a look at the differences in the height of the keycaps of mechanical keyboards.
The height of CHERRY, also known as the "original height", means that the height of the keycap is the same as the keycap used by cherry, and its height from top to bottom is R1-R1-R2-R3-R4-R4. It is more comfortable to type for a long time. The original height of the keycaps is also different in each row, which is what we often call R1-R4, or R5 height, we can look at it from the side, the whole has a curvature, which is also ergonomically designed Performance. R1 usually refers to the bottom two rows of the keyboard, R4 refers to the top two rows, and the rest of R2 and R3 are in the middle, which is also the lowest.

OEM height refers to the height used by non-Cherry mechanical keyboards. Generally speaking, the OEM is 1-2mm higher than Cherry, and the radian is slightly larger than the original keycap. But the angle of inclination of the surface of the keycaps is similar. It is the most common type of keycap height in China.
As the name implies, the SA high ball cap is very high and has a certain arc on the side. However, since the SA keycap is basically the highest type of all mechanical keyboards, it must be better used with the help of a hand rest.
DSA short ball caps are lower, shorter than OEM keycaps, and there is no difference between R1-R4, and the heights are the same.
The height of the VSA spherical keycap is the same as that of the DSA. Its finger contact area is larger than that of the DSA, and the arc is shallower. It is suitable for players who prefer the height of DSA and have thick fingers.
These are the common heights of the keycap. I hope this article will be helpful to you in choosing keycaps.

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