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bluetooth how to !? kemove 61 (kickstarter)

hello ,i just received my keyboard from kick starter : (61key)

i charged it and turned on the switch in the back ,but when i try to pair it with bluetouth neither ipad or iphone can find it ,is any manual about it ?
i have tryed as well by pressing FN + Z , X or C bluetouth icon flashed in keyboard but still cant find it on my devices.

any ideas ?
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here is a tutorial about connecting Bluetooth for you

thank you very much! i did not pressed the long FN+z (6 seconds)
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(05-13-2020, 07:40 AM)abel Wrote: here is a  tutorial about connecting Bluetooth for you
Hello, I have tried this and I still cannot get the keyboard into pairing mode. It seems like really nothing works. Cannot even change the lighting settings etc. I have updated the firmware using the software btw.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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It's very interesting. Please come in and play. You will definitely like drift hunters
Good luck
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It's great to see such detailed information. The article shared in great detail what I was looking for. Thanks for these helpful sharing. What a great website 1v1 lol
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