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compatible switches available in the market

As the title suggests...

I searched aliexpress for alternative switches but i only saw 5 pin and 3 pin. I looked closely at one of the switches in the keyboard (DK66) but doesn't match them. I am looking for a heavier maybe tactile ones. I feel it was a mistake ordering a red switch variant from me, who is a first time owner of a mechKB. Replaced one of the switches with one of the included browns. Often times this happens: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, if you know what i mean. Think i got used with the normal laptop and desktop KB. Thanks in advancel. .\/...

     if you want to buy switch of  Kemove 60% mechanical keyboard DK66 ,you can visit link as follows,

this is Gateron Optical Blue Switch DIY Replaceable Switches for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (10 PCS), black color is more heavier one.

and please don't use mechanical switch, wrong match can lead to the problem which you have said.

thanks for your reply. i didn't mean that there's problem with the keyboard. because my fingers are used to tactile keyboards, i always don't realize i was already pressing a key when i thought i am only resting my finger on it.

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